We are an animal friendly community

Discover a community that understands many pets are family and many pet owners are good owners. Service animals are always welcome.

Basic Pet & Animal Rules

Limit 2 pets per home

Must weigh 35 pounds or less when full grown

No breeds that are restricted by our insurance company:  Pitbulls, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chows or Bulldogs or any animal with a history of aggression.

No dogs in kennels, must be house pets only

$100 per pet one-time park registration fee

$25 Petscreening fee per Household pet with a $5 cash discount available to anyone selecting ACH as their form of payment.

These restrictions and fees do not apply to any service animals. Emotional support animals must have proper documentation. Remember, an animal and their actions, controlled or otherwise, is still your responsibility. 

We strive to help ensure mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our residents and tenants. It’s imperative that ALL our residents and tenants fully understand and acknowledge our pet and animal-related policies. This also includes residents and tenants that do not own a pet and those that have a service animal. We require EVERYONE to complete a third-party screening and review process through Petscreening. This quick and easy process ensures we have your pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments, pet/animal history and records, and legal attestation of truthfulness and accuracy on file.